Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First Laydeez

I love how Brian Williams et al are talking about indie designers and what the President's children are wearing during MSNBC inaugural coverage, and how hilariously stunned they are to find themselves doing so.

I, the entire fashion world, and apparently Brian Williams are all very eagerly anticipating what the First Fam (eh...Lady, really) will be wearing tonight, so as a teaser let's look back at The Inaugural Ball Gowns from the last 5 decades.

Jackie Kennedy, 1961:

Lady Bird Johnson, 1965:

Pat Nixon, 1969:

Rosalynn Carter, 1977:

(I believe this was taken after the ball. She looks positively beat.)

Nancy Reagan, 1981:

(Her gown, by James Galanos, was reportedly very expensive. What a rockstar.)

Barbara Bush, 1989:

Hillary Clinton, 1993:

Laura Bush, looking dowdy in 2001:

and then kinda aight in 2005:

Michelle Obama in 2009:


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