Thursday, February 5, 2009

Janice and Donatella, together at last!

I was just perusing Jezebel, and an image they posted of Donatella Versace just, like, slapped me in the face with her resemblance to Ron Perlman in the Beauty and the Beast TV show, in the late 80s. Lookit:

They must have the same special fx makeup artist. Further reserach into darling Dona revealed the internet feels she's been separated at birth a few times...

Eh, maybe:

Definitely not:


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  1. hahaha. not to go all muppet-geek on you...ah, what the hell. that muppet "Janis" was actually based on a woman named Kathy Foley, who was one of my theater teachers at UCSC. but Donatella Versace was also based on the same person - so ultimately, you're 100% right.