Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What exactly is it that you do all day?

I go to F.I.T. for Fashion Design, but maintain a dayjob so I can support my ultra-glamorous lifestyle of going to work, running to school afterwards, then doing homework until 3am. I've had lots of friends ask me if I'm "done yet, for godsakes?", but I just started in January 08, so I think my friends are actually from the future. Neat.

Anyway. Here is the first draft of a design project I'm working on now for an art class. We had to pick a certain time period between 1600 and 1800, and use that as inspiration for one bridal and one evening gown. I chose 1600 to 1650. You wouldn't believe how hideous clothing was back then, so I figured I hadn't any face to lose on the design.

hubba hubba.

These are just a few of the rough drafts, but you get the idea:


  1. those are looking very good, lady. way better than having friends!

    (although I'm seeing a clear-cut opportunity to work a Maleficent-style standing collar in there, and have a hard time understanding why you'd wanna pass that up :)

  2. well, we have at least answered the question "What exactly DON'T you do all day?" and the answer is, "make witty blog posts that entertain my adoring fans." bah.