Thursday, August 28, 2008

Almost Famous

Oh hi. It's me. The famous one.


Ok, fine, almost famous. I was interviewed for's party fashion section whilst at the the Olympic Opening Ceremonies party at Opening Ceremonies. I know, late pass, but be glad I'm telling you at all.

So I didn't make it to the final cut, which would have hurt a little if NUMBER ONE: I hadn't had a curious feud with their photo editor a couple years ago, and NUMBER TWO: I hadn't been trumped by:

wearing Marc Jacobs, YSL shoes, and partial (tattoo) sleeves,

wearing tight-rolled vintage Gitanos and some hair, and

wearing a Henrik Vibskov shirt, APC skirt, shoes by Chloe, and maaaaybe a smidge of pretention. Ok, totally a smidge.

I was wearing a Forever 21 top, Thai fisherman (read: peasant) pants, and Urban Outfitters shoes. The interviewer would get a glimmer of hope and be like, "Ok, your hair, who cuts your hair?" and I'm like, "oh, yeah, that. I cut it." And then " where are your earrings from?" "Oh, um, I think Claire's. My friend sent them to me."

So while Anna clearly wouldn't/didn't approve of my Big Lots Chic, I still thinks it's safe to say I MADE THE VIDEO:


That's me in the back, with the floppy arms, talking to the talented Jason Wishnow. Here, look for yourself. You'll know me by being the only thing moving in the whole damned video:

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