Thursday, September 18, 2008

How white are we?

It's very late and I'm doing my Life Drawing homework...I know, right? I have homework in a class where I draw LIVE NUDE MODELS. It positively boggles.

I apparently also decided to explore how TOTALLY WHITE I AM, and have been watching Annie Lennox and Kate Bush videos on Youtube with one eye, the other trained on this...skeleton I'm drawing out of a book. I know. Still boggles.

I very soon realized, despite my opinion that Kate Bush's Hounds of Love is the Second Best Album of All Time, that I had never actually seen a video from her. Now that I've explored her efforts in this department, I very much...VERY MUCH wish I never had. I am suddenly illumined as to why she only made it big in the UK.

[Spoiler Alert]

In the following video, there's this flappy choreographed part where you're going to be like, "Oh, she's kidding! What a relief." But then these guys in Aborigine black face are birthed from the dirt and you're like, "Oh. Oh god Kate." Watch for Lorenzo Lamas in the back there:

I present to you Kate Bush's Dreaming. Put it on mute if you must.

I know, RIGHT?! You're like, "Hold on, wait, what? REEEEALLY? Nawwww." And I'm like, "Swear, dude. Can hardly believe it myself."

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  1. yea.. her videos are exactly one of the reasons i never understood why my friends went crazy for her.