Wednesday, September 3, 2008

IN A WORLD...where something happens, and something else totally out of the normal happens at the same time...

Oh Don LaFontaine, how we'll miss you ...seriously. The god of the voiceover passed on to the other side yesterday, as did our hope of ever again finding out what kind of world we're living, what's happening this summer, or who's come to save us all. We're pretty much doomed. (Also, they're totally going to have to stop running that MegaMillions Lotto commercial with him and all the other famous voiceover actors.)

In an Aubergenian homage to the passing of this surprisingly influential actor, the following is a smattering of other famous people that, had they died yesterday, would've made us say, "Oh, wait...really? Wow. Weird." In no particular order:

Margaret Cho:

George Wendt:

Or, rather, George Wendt:

Rhonda Schear:

Mrs. Fields

The Undertaker:

I know I've been a little list-happy here, so as a reward for your patronage and patience, I give you:

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