Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tales From the Treadmill

So I was jogging at the gym for, like, four minutes this morning (still managed to be 15 late for work...guess I should've skipped the butt-press-powered time machine they just installed...) and caught Rachel Zoe's interview on the Today Show, promoting her show, The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo.

Honestly, I don't give an XOXO metallic hobo bag about her. I don't read Perezhilton, I don't talk about babybumps, and I have never seen an episode of The Hills (ok, saw a part of one once). Since I assume that represents the scope of her powers, it never even really occurred to me to look into her, but I've been googling her a little, and this is pretty much all I've found:

According to the good readers of TV.com,

Rachel's nickname is Lettuce Cup.
Rachel wanted to dance at Studio 54 and fly to exotic destinations.
Rachel earns about $6,000 a day.
Rachel worked as a stylist for YM magazine in 1996.
Rachel graduated from George Washington University in 1993, majoring in sociology and psycholody.

No, really, that's it. All the rest of my google journalism resulted in me finding out what she eats (fish and vegetables),and people calling her a rat face with, like, stringy hair and other such nonsense.

Yeah, I know it ain't exactly flattering, but honestly, Lettuce Cup, you looked pretty alright in this morning's interview. I've got some totally rough pics floating around myself.

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