Tuesday, July 1, 2008


So I saw these on Jezebel the other day - hair hats by aubegenius art director and possibly all-around silly person Nagi Noda. For some people, the 99th percentile of glamorously weird just comes naturally - raised on, like, magical Japanese super-fun-go-go future sprouts, she reminds me of how utterly 98th percentile I am at the moment. Best get to work if I'm ever going to coerce this from my brain:

But before this, it did get me to thinking about...em...things made of hair.

Check out these lovely ladies and their rather inspired human hair frocks:

Marquesan cannibals are quite the progressive dressers, wouldn't you say? Paleofuturistic caveman, replete with human thigh bone accountrements. So hot right now, don't you just want to eat them up?

And while we're on the appetizing subject of wearing a stranger's cast-off keratin:

This one is from Artidjana, and apparently took 165 feet of blond human hair. It's unspecified whethr or not it's NATURAL blond, but considering the rumor that blonds are going to be extinct by the year 2012
I feel that it's highly unlikely.

Family jewels, peasant-style...

And then there's this moving hair tribute to Cuba, found in the Hunterdon Art Museum. Expert craftsmanship, intuitive design...kind of lovely, isn't it? Right???


Ugh. So gross.

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