Monday, July 28, 2008

We Are The Champions

Yeah yeah, I know last week's Freddie Mercury Friday went by without even a Scaramouche...and I know how much you look forward to these things...but you know, the only thing lamer than US missing out on FMF is ME missing out on the BEAUTIFUL NYC Summer Friday. Really, gotta look out for number one over here.

But since I know it's important to you, I present to you the first Fake Freddie Mercury Monday:

Oh and speaking of CHAMPIONS, my friends and I participated in a FIELD DAY this past Saturday, and we, The Yellow Team, The Golden Gods, Team Sunshine, did indeed dominate.

Check out these winners (weiners):


  1. ah hem, its almost the end of the day on Friday, where my Mercury at?

  2. Whoa, made it JUST under the bar, Deeds. Have to be more careful...