Friday, July 11, 2008


The divine Miss Corley, Carpathian Kittenloss Animal Reporter, rotates weekly observance of Hedgehog/Weird Animal Friday. I do hereby shamelessly gank the idea, and declare Fridays here at The Aubergenius to be FREDDIE MERCURY FRIDAYS!!! Holy shit, I know, I'm excited too.

In honor of this shimmering mythical beast of a man, and also of this FIRST FRIDAY, I'm letting the internal nerd have her way with this post, and sharing with you the reason I really...REALLY....started to love Queen. It is the title track to the acclaimed USA TV series Highlander, starring the illustriously pectoralled Adrian Paul. Christopher Lambert, the original Highlander from the 1986 movie, was a less-opulent, squirrely Roger Moore to Adrian's Sean Connery (ironically a cast member in the 86 film version), but I couldn't find a video with the entire opening credits song with him in it. So, please exercise your imaginations, let Adrian's blue steel here burn hole in your retina,

and pretend he's the one weilding the saber in the Highlander title track, Queen's PRINCES OF THE UNIVERSE:

(I found "Princess of the Universe" to be a rather endearing typo, in context.)


Now that you've listened to that EPIC song 8 times in a row, you too can be Freddie! EVERYBODY NOW!!

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