Monday, July 28, 2008

Mystery Shopper

So when I told a fashionable little birdie at the Seize sur Vingt...

"ya brahhhh Seize it" last night about what I was posting about next, namely "EXOTIC" Produce, he implied that it just wasn't up to the Aubergenius Sexy Standards. I mean, that is just...hahah...I mean, felonious.

I sometimes find myself wandering like a pig in the sunshine in Whole Foods, throwing the things that least resemble canned peaches and bodega beans into my basket, and I have to tell you, I happen to find the sunchoke VERY sexy:

Yeah, I know, that's reaching. It also took me all day to write this post. Seeing as I'm all about, as well as unable to get enough of, The Sexy, it can be determined that exotic vegetation does not, indeed, have much to do with the sexy. As this proof clearly states:

Ok Gabe, you win this round. Whatever, it's Freddie Mercury Friday anyway, and who can be bothered with fruits?

Tonight he's going to a White Party at Gold Bar:

Effing fabulous, Freddie. Oh, speaking of fabulous Freds, here's our dear Fred doing an excellent Lima-handling job. Hi Fred!! Admirable grip. Check out his bag: I'm pretty sure Fred's Secret was the 8 caipirinhas on the plane.

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